Commercial Ventilation

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Who doesn’t like to breath clean, fresh air! Good air quality, driven by efficient ventilation and extraction, is really important for commercial premises, but you often only notice it when it’s not there – remember all those bars you have walked into that just smell terrible? That’s poor ventilation in action, and that’s the sort of problem we solve for our customers. Whichever sector they operate within, they recognise the need to create a healthy, safe environment for their staff and customers, and we help make sure their ventilation is up to the job.

Commercial Ventilation Installation

In new premises or refurbishments, we can manage the whole ventilation process from CAD design and ductwork installation to extraction and ventilation unit installations. This is an area where it really pays to get a specialist in – many of our customers come to us through design engineers who know that it really needs a commercial ventilation specialist to understand the way that air will move through the building and make sure that the ventilation systems are up to scratch.

Ideally get us involved as early in the design process as you can – but don’t worry if it’s a bit late for that and you need a new system retrofitted because it was missed off the original plans and the air quality in your building is rubbish – we’ve got you covered!

An installation in a Client can range from an extractor wall fan with integral controls, or a commercial kitchen canopy with gas and fire interlock systems, through to complex commercial systems with galvanized ductwork together with both supply and extract systems with heat recovery such as Mitsubishi Electric’s Lossnay range with its innovative heat recovery paper cores.

Commercial Ventilation Repair & Maintenance

It’s just as important to maintain and test commercial ventilation systems as is is commercial air conditioning and commercial refrigeration systems.

We look after the maintenance and repair needs for a huge number of clients in all sorts of different industries – from Leisure and Entertainment, with restaurants and hotels, to Retail and Transport, with shops, garages and depots.

Our teams of experienced and qualified engineers work hand-in-hand with our clients to determine their individual ventilation and extraction needs based on both their current and future business activities, and to keep their systems running efficiently. We are here to help your commercial ventilation systems represent value for money and longevity of use.

Ventilation Services Liverpool

We specify, source, supply and install ventilation systems and ductwork from many of the UK’s leading manufacturers including Mitsubishi Electric, Fujitsu, Toshiba and Daikin – manufacturers with whom we have longstanding relationships and whom we can call on at any time for additional advice and support, enabling us to overcome any challenges and restrictions for our customers with often ingenious solutions.

For further information on our completed projects check out our Case Studies, or to discuss your ventilation or extraction requirements please call Craig on 0151 207 4271 or add your contact details to the form at the top of the page and we’ll call you.

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