Everkool is proud to have completed the latest in our series of projects for Merseytravel. Since our first tender success with Merseytravel in August 2014 we have gone from strength to strength, forging a strong relationship based upon mutual trust and 100% transparency.

The introduction of The EC Ozone Regulation (No. 1005/2009), from 1st January 2015, placed a total ban on all recycled and reclaimed R22 making it impossible for Clients and their contractors to service and maintain air conditioning systems that operate on R22 refrigerants.

After a successful outcome in the tender process, Everkool was appointed by Merseytravel to undertake the the planned programme of replacing all R22 dependent air conditioning units with more efficient units with lower CO2 emissions and lower running costs. During the past 18 months we have completed a number of similar R22 phase out projects for a wide variety of new and existing Clients.

Following site visits to three buildings within the Merseytravel estate, we identified a total of air conditioning 10 units in need of decommissioning and replacement namely;

Birkenhead Bus Station (3)

St. George’s Dock (4)

Huyton Bus Station (3)

For the sake of brevity, we have focused on the works at Birkenhead Bus Station to demonstrate our expertise and professionalism.


Projected managed by Everkool’s Head Engineer Neil McAvoy, and overseen by Craig Greenwood, the project was scheduled to take place over four days with the decommission works commencing on Sunday 23rd August at 08.00.

Health and Safety

The specifics of the site and risks identified during the comprehensive assessment, with use by the general public, dictated the inclusion of traffic management measures within the RAMS proposal.

Our retained advisors, Rawlings, accompanied us during the site visits and attended site periodically throughout the works to ensure the required health and safety measures were, and remained, in situ.

Vehicles arriving at Stand 5 were observed, during the initial site visit, to venture approximately 1 metre into the ‘hard shoulder’ part of the road presenting a potential hazard to drivers, the Everkool team and pedestrians. To mitigate this risk, Stand 5 was closed for the duration, hazard traffic cones were positioned at 2 metre intervals at 1 metre in to the ‘hard shoulder’, warning signage and a 5mph speed limit sign placed in situ and an exclusion zone erected using free-standing pedestrian barriers.

In addition, a Mobile Elevating Work Platform (MEWP) with an integrated access gate was utilised to enable our team safe access to a working height work of approximately 3.2m, eliminating hazardous manual handling and the secure lowering of the old condenser unit and pipe work to the ground.

Undertaking the works

Wearing full PPE equipment and making full use of the MEWP, the Everkool team fully decommissioned the existing the condenser unit and pipe works from the roof and internal control room.

F-Gas log sheets were completed for each of the condenser units, preparing them for disposal, in line with our Refcom certification, through our retained Environmental Agency-licensed waste carriers.

During days two, three and four our team completed the installation, pressure testing, charging and commissioning of the three new, energy efficient Daikin inverter systems together with interconnecting pipework.

Pipework and associated was basket cages for the units were specified to ensure a perfect aesthetic fit to the outside of the building.

We pre-applied the new coils with a Blygold anti-corrosion coating – proven to stop corrosion, reduce energy consumption and maintain the efficient running of the newly installed equipment.

“Everkool’s planning and attention to detail are key strengths which inspire confidence they can always complete the required works to specification, on time and within budget. Our experience to date has been first class and we look forward to continuing our relationship.”

Rachel Thomas, Merseytravel

For further information on this project, and works undertaken at St. George’s Dock and Huyton Bus Station please contact us on 0151 207 4271.



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